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Who we are

Duncan Leadbitter has over thirty years experience in fisheries assessment and management, sustainable seafood advice to industry, marine conservation planning, certification and ecolabelling in Asia, the Pacific, Europe and the Americas. He has worked for industry, government and NGOs. Duncan is a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security at the University of Wollongong,  a trustee of the International Pole and Line Foundation and a MarinTrust Governing Board Committee member.
Fish Matter is a consulting company focusing on the sustainable use of aquatic resources. Fish Matter’s directors have over 30 years of local and international expertise in fisheries assessments and management, coastal zone and marine protected area planning, fisheries technical advice, environmental impact assessment, sustainable seafood marketing and sustainable seafood procurement advice.

What we're doing

Commercial outreach work for the Aquaculture Stewardship Council in Australia
Documenting use of fish for feed in Indonesia for SFP
Establishing a FIP in the southern Philippines for Permex
Development of a toolbox for managing multispecies fisheries for the FAO
Assisting colleagues on Seafood Map, a project funded by the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative and IDH
Occasional peer review work for MSC’s Peer Review College
Providing advice to the UN Development Program (UNDP) on their Global Marine Commodities Program